Thursday, December 9, 2010

off you go

It might as well have been a Dickens Christmas as far as Teresa was concerned. She didn't mean that in a good way, either. The whole village was the same old fuck'n shit. Didn't help that she hadn't a bloke. Not that she was looking for one.

A little of her was still in a pisser mood about Rae. Yeah, she knew, Rhys was just evil. Taking Rae away from her. Then getting her preggers. Who wanted to be with someone who was swelled and smelled of iron and the like.

It was going to be shitty Christmas. Snow and all. White one day and gray the next. Thats the way it worked in Hollyoaks. Just a gray Christmas.

Didn't help much that she had to be a barmaid down the Black Cat, either. She wasn't quite destitute yet. But she hadn't taken to writing erotic letters to soliders, either, like that blonde cousin of hers had. Not that she got paid for that kind of thing, but her cousin got packages all the blessed time. It was a little unnerving. There was just too damn much happiness at home.

"Whats got your panties in a wad, aye?" As if she needed Darren to get in her face. He wasn't working here, but drunk, as usual.

"Hadn't you noticed all our favorites are gone?" She looked at him as if he was in a bad way. "Zoe and Sarah off to Paris." Just to name a few. She really felt quite alienated now.

"No, I hadn't." Darren was his sullen self. "Its Hollyoaks, babe, we just wish them well and have us another drink. Speaking of which mine needs fresh'n up, quite a bit." His shot glass was dry. Scotch was in order, she presumed.

Teresa walked off in a huff. He would be here until the cows came home. Teresa pursed her lips as she looked back at him. Perhaps he had a little cash. But it was doubtful. She wasn't an extraordinary pick pocket. Usually, she had to work it. Possibly in the loo, but she found lots of fun in it, sometimes. At least, it might help on the Christmas shopping. Of course, she wasn't buying presents for anyone. Only herself.

She handed him a double shot then. Nice and drunk. He'd never know if she actually went down on him or not. Well, it was a happy thought.

"Oh, Darren, I really hate to see you, such a sad sod." She came around and pulled at his arm just as he was getting his drink down him.

"What?" He winced looking baffled. He almost fell off the stool.

"You know." She almost rolled her eyes at him. Teresa looked across the way past the fruit machines and the pool tables. The loo was waiting for them.

He stammered, yet so watchful.

Teresa turned then and lead the way. She smiled with satisfaction. All was clear. She locked the door behind him and she smashed her lips into his. He really was intoxicated for the both of them. Must she find the lame one to cling too. Teresa deeply sighed and went to work. It was actually kind of an automatic process. He just stood there all without emotion.

"You know, you know what I'm doing?" She looked up at him, her hand grasping his cock, while the other slipped in the back pocket for his wallet.

"Do I?" He looked a might nutty then, but Teresa smiled a bit easy.

"You were a very naughty boy this Christmas. I doubt you deserve any pressies." She almost laughed. Really, she didn't think she'd have to do much. He really hadn't gotten any, as of late, had he. She gave him a rub, but he passed out before he came.

Teresa sighed full of relief then, as she lifted the cash from his wallet then.

How could he have so much cash, she asked herself then. Well, Teresa was leaving for the train. No need to spend a wad this big in the village.

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ellie said...

She's so rotten and so is he. Glad you posted something.