Saturday, September 4, 2010

from Ivyoaks

Sorry I haven't written too much Hollyoaks fan fiction lately. As it is, seems Hollyoaks is making so many changes in character. So many of my favorites have left and well, I'm not sure if readers want to read about old characters or new characters.

Leave me a comment if you'd like to let me know what sort of coupling you'd like to see. I do fancy mixing up someone from the show..with someone not on the show..but I do try to keep just the "character" in this story blog.




nick and heath said...

Actually, I'm glad you stick with the older characters because I miss them.

Sam said...

Hey! I used to love the old characters.
But I guess a change is good, right?
Anyway, Im Sam but some time ago I had this fiction Blog called "Secrets Between Us" where I went by the name of Selena St. John.. I dont know if you remember.

Anywayy, I have a personal blog now. I thought I'd stop by hereee.


Anonymous said...

i prefer older characters but i'm sure the new ones will grow on us. i'd like to see darren with someone and also i like the idea of warren/teresa because it's kind of forbidden and wrong