Thursday, May 27, 2010

a restless world

Nancy couldn't quite put her finger on it, but she missed Kris.

"You look so yummy." She told him first thing when she found him down at the club, alone. He didn't have a bloke buying him a drink which she found quite unusual. "What the fuck could be wrong?"

"Dunno what you mean." Indifferent as always.

"So  how's Rav?" She wanted to know.

"Why should I know?" He scowled as he sipped his lager.

"What? You two, broken it off?" Just didn't seem right. Of course, Nancy was a bit on the rocks about herself too, these days. She'd had a round of romance with that lass she met on the seashore, but it had fizzled and it seemed all the pretty thing really wanted was some drugs instead of her. It was awful. It was clearly summer, and she only had so many weeks before she had to function properly as a teacher.

"He's such a bore." Kris sighed. Well, she didn't want to bore Kris either. She looked around then. Was there anyone she could succomb too. Of course, she had her own special definition to the word.

"Later." She would not let Kris bring her down. She'd had one off two many with the bloke. He might as well be a cow. Perhaps he wasn't as yummy as she'd said.

Would anything ever be the same again? She wasn't a giddy school girl, anymore. She was the teacher now. Damn, good, she thought. Her sister would be proud. Perhaps. Of course, she had messed around plenty with Kris and Ravi. Perhaps it was all their fault. She felt so empty inside. A sadness so overwhelmed her. When would it ever be right?

Just then she saw Jem coming her way. She wanted to ignore her, but she couldn't.

"You want to dance?" Nancy got up off the bar stool and practically fell on Jem. Naturally, all she got was a smile. Hopefully, it was a yes. Next thing she knew they were jumping into the static song, moving to the music with their hips and their arms. It was exallerating. Such fun.

Nancy was soon smiling. But then the song soon fell slow. Nancy felt it best to make her way to the loo, but Jem caught her arm and so she stayed. They danced pelvic to pelvic then. so slow. Almost a grind with their clothes on. Soon they were kissing strangers and it was...perfect.

Nancy, didn't dare let a giggle slip from her. Jem was so serious and such a natural.

Of course, they went to the loo once the song was done.

"Are you all right?" Nancy winced as she leaned against the red wall.

"No." Jem said so quietly. She kissed Nancy as if Nancy needed to do something for her.

"What is it?" Nancy whispered politely in Jem's ear. Perhaps she was a little drunk. Maybe they both were. Maybe this wasn't real, or nothing at all. But Jem ate ate at Nancy's lips to know her better. Soon her hand slid to open Nancy's tight jeans to investigate. Jem's tongue prodded on just as her finger did the same to unravel Nancy's core. Of course, Nancy felt her knees so weak. She kissed Jem back hard. She thought she might fall to the floor, but Jem held her so close. Nancy knew it now. Jem had a bag full of tricks. There was a vibrator in there somewhere.

Nancy giggled then.


Anonymous said...

I do wonder if Nancy will ever grow up.

axel said...

I'm getting where I don't like her on the show.

Anonymous said...

I hope you write more soon!!!

ori said...

Miss your writing!!!

lucy and sarah said...

You should write more.

axel said...

I hate spam.