Friday, April 30, 2010

no joke

India shuttered to think it was so much better with Charlotte than Dave, anyway.

He was a might sloppy.

Charlotte was just amazing. India heaved with pleasure and Charlotte dived into her muff. Really, Dave liked lass' clean and wasn't that the way models did it. India felt a bit sleepy, but in lust. Charlotte knew what to do. How to make her orgasm fill her up with such amazing sweet bliss.

She wanted Charlotte to keep going. But she felt so weak. Maybe they should just kiss. How did she taste anyway?

"How many times did I cum?" India wanted to know as Charlotte took a break and held India's waist.

"Dunno. Plenty." Charlotte whispered in her ear.

Suddenly, she felt sad.

"Its never this good with Dave. Or any of them." India sighed, turning to Charlotte.

"I know." They kissed then and India felt so warm and dreamy. She touched Charlotte's clit with the tip of her pinkie. Finding her small patch of pubics. The ball of her palm rubbed at the pubics. Charlotte was already wet. When had that happened?

India didn't think she could get off on Charlotte's tits, but soon enough she was exploring and kissing them as if it was just as enjoyable as what Charlotte had done. But it was the kissing and the fingering that was bliss. She just couldn't get enough.

Finally, her tongue took to Charlotte's clit. It was the least she could do. And she could feel how Charlotte quaked and shook little by little inside. Really, it was quite easy to be turned on by Charlotte again and again. India just smiled. They could just stay inside. Who cared to go to the clubs, anymore.

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