Sunday, May 24, 2009

on holiday

Lydia had her eye on Zoe. What if Zoe tried to win Sarah back?

"I don't think so," Josh tried his best to convince Lydia it wouldn't happen. "She's moved on." He pointed to Will aka Jeremy at the library where he worked. There was Jamie too.

"So you think she's over her fancy with Sarah?" Lydia looked at Josh as if he better tell her everything.

"She's moved on for those two," Josh smiled impishly. "I don't think cares what you girls are up too.

"I hate being jealous." Lydia shrugged, yet it motivated her to want Sarah more. She checked out her books then, giving Jamie sly looks hoping he'd best keep Zoe out of the way because if she came back for Sarah, she'd have to get through her first.

"I don't suppose you'd be up for another holiday," she said later to Sarah when she found her between classes at the SU bar grabbing a juice.

"Look, we went on your campout." Sarah wasn't exactly smiling when she said it.

"But it turned out lovely." Lydia blinked wide eyed. Had she forgot the good parts. "This time, your choice. Shopping in the city. We could take the train." She smiled.

"OK," Sarah sighed as if that would be all right.

"Really, I will make it worth your while." They kissed then as if were a deal, perhaps even a steal for Lydia.

They left that afternoon on the train. Actually, they could have taken the bus to Paris, but this was much more quiet and they had themselves, looking across from each other the whole way. Naturally, that didn't last long. Lydia had to draw Sarah into her lap and show her she meant every turn of this even to be their own.

They Frenched all the while as Lydia uncovered Sarah's tits from time to time to know exactly how she felt about her. Lydia just smiled knowing she was the one in control. She adored how Sarah yearned for her, opening herself up more in public, feeling her pulse rise and fall. She could hardly wait to get her in a room alone.

"I've brought toys," Lydia whispered under her breath. She bit at Sarah's bottom lip then. It was just getting started.



wow...the things are getting hot! ;)

Kisses friend!

maxxie and tony said...

hhahaha. What next.