Wednesday, May 20, 2009

in the wee hours

Ian had been thrilled when Maxie decided to stay out with him after the show.

"Thank God, you're not on a complete ball and chain yet," Ian sighed, thinking Katy could be watching, but Maxie assured him, she was home nursing a cold.

They'd left the Black Cat and opted for a disco where no one knew them. Of course, Ian thought of other things they could have been doing instead of watching weirdos dance about and music you could only jump too. They drank a few lagers as if they were celebrating something. Yet, they both felt like a fish out of water at the gay club. Really, it was neither of their cup of tea and Maxie was becoming more frigid by the minute.

So finally they got in a cab to go home. Ian just watched Maxie.

"You know I want you." Ian told him, holding Maxie's hand, but Maxie looked out the window. He was awful quiet.

And then it happened, Maxie drew in a kiss from Ian. Ian just smiled, looking at Maxie, combing his fingers through Maxie's hair. Ian Frenched Maxie then. All Maxie could do was gaze into Ian's eyes.

"What would you do with me, anyway?" Maxie smiled and Ian tugged at Maxie's pants.

"I can think of a few things," Ian said.

But as they neared The Oaks, Maxie shook his head, no.

"Then where would we go?"

"I dunno."

Ian got the impression that Maxie would chicken out.

"Please, I want this." Ian pulled Maxie closer.

"I want it too, but its so risky. Katy-"

"Katy! Don't start with her. Will you just let this be about us. Not that stupid slapper." Ian winced.

"She's not a slapper." Maxie bit his lip then. Ian stole a kiss just the same. Opening him up for deep French kisses. They went to a cheap hostel on the outskirts of the village. Ian so needed this. It was happening.

So there they were. The barest of rooms. A candle lit near the door and just a mattress on the floor. They undressed slowly. Taking their time. Kissing their way to oblivion. And then they were naked in the candle light.

Neither had ever taken this course before. But Maxie kept smiling. Their cocks were like swords, so wanting each other as they managed somehow on the bed.

"You've always fancied me, haven't you, Maxie?" Ian believed it true now.

"I suppose." Maxie winced a bit wishing it weren't true.

"You've always been lovely to me." Ian told him as they touched. "But I never wanted to believe it."

Maxie just caught a laugh and smiled looking back at Ian who kissed at Maxie's nipples now, along his chest and finally his cock. Of course, while Ian went down on him, Maxie pushed and pulled so fervently at Ian's cock that he wanted it as much, and it made him so tingly that he just wanted Maxie more.

In the candle light, Ian finally had Maxie where he wanted him. He turned him to his side and they laid together ever so sleepily until finally Ian manged to grind in Maxie's buttocks. He cut into him ever so delicately, but his moans made him grind harder, pushing so deep. He caressed Maxie more.

He kept his eyes shut tight, thinking Maxie was the best he'd ever had. It was the start of something new.



It sounds exciting!!!


fan fic said...

I know they are neither on the show..but just the same..they have their connections...and well, each other.

another ellie said...

Sexy, but I wonder what the aftermath will be.

e.l. said...

I didn't think it would happen..but now it has..

TC fan fic said...

Its a nice surprise.