Monday, May 18, 2009

in the thick of it

Lauren hadn't meant to give in to Fletch. It was so unexpected. He was the last person she ever thought she'd succumb to. It was rather amazing.

So many weeks of all this uncertainty. She was sure she could never be with another but Laleh. And she felt as if she'd deprived herself, somehow. Always Laleh's game. Her rules. Her house. Her terms. And Lauren had played along so well. She thought Laleh had changed. Just for her, in fact. And yet, deep down she was certain she was the one who had changed for Laleh all along. After all, she'd loved her, completely. She would be all she ever needed, and then it was gone.

This recovery with Fletch was just something to keep her busy. She hadn't set out on saving him from anything. And yet she'd wanted him drug free, but being with him right now was as if he were her drug of choice and that was so not what she'd been after.

But his mouth was amazing. So was his touch and his skin felt wondrous next to her. It was as if he'd peeled away layer after layer of a cold snake's skin that had embedded her for so long to keep her away from feeling anything these days. Suddenly, she felt herself mote into something entirely different and it startled her.

Had he known what she'd been wanting?

He wasn't at all like she expected. It had just happened, and she so wanted to explore his firm limbs. His lips. His taste.

She smiled, noticing his hard cock waiting to burst as his tongue pressed into her clit. It made her want to melt around him even more. As his tongue pressed on, she licked the salt from his hard on. It was as if it was coming full circle. He could sense her pulsating and she wanted to nurse his penis more. Was it possible they could satisfy each other without ever having intercourse?


dapper kid said...

I do wonder whether it's just pure lust, I don't really think she is that in to him.

Matias Bouhet said...

-intercourse- hey ivyoaks, I always love your posts! ahha see you :)