Saturday, April 4, 2009


Father Kieron felt he was between a rock and a very hard on when it came to Ste. Yes, he felt quite miserable without him. Really, nothing had been the same since that bus hit Ste.

He'd seen him a few times. Mostly in the beginning when it first happened. He'd sat with him like a good priest would. Of course, there were those moments of weakness that he'd touched him when no was there. He just had to see if the equipment was still working. And it was.

Of course, he'd done his best not to get carried away. Naturally, Ste wasn't exactly in the real of reality yet and he so missed that part of him too. He'd really gone back to teaching for the most part, trying his best to let Ste go, but he couldn't.

It was just the thought to have things as they were. But it would never be, would it?

Oh, he never let Ste sleep alone. Perhaps he had a face of an angel, but sometimes, being a criminal still got the best of him. He'd made himself a key for the boarding house so he could creep in late at night and be with Ste for the most part.

It was just his way of bringing him around, perhaps. Yet, it was the notion, he felt sure helped him more. He had to warm Ste's cold body somehow. Some day, perhaps the pilot light would kick on and Ste would know where he was.

But as it was....

There was a moment of clarity when Ste smiled at him in the moonlight and touched his face.

"Do I know you?" He'd asked weakly.

"Well, of course you do." Kieron had winced with a smile. And he saw something so alive in him as they touched, and Kieron wasn't the only one with a stiffy. Stimulation was therapeutic wasn't it?

He knew then when he went down on Ste that he was the best thing that happened to him since John Paul had left. It was a promise he could keep to himself. Always. This was one...he wasn't going to let get away.

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