Sunday, April 5, 2009

in the woods

Lydia liked to think of herself as liberating Sarah. Well, someone had too.

"But you're cranky in the morning," Lydia insisted. "You need to embrace a new day." Wasn't that being positive at its best? And couldn't she be positive that she was the best thing Sarah had yet?

"I don't want you having any second thoughts." Lydia told her. "You won't regret it. I promise."

But that was days ago. When the fun was in progress, when their bed was a playground and all those smiles.

"Come on, we need to get back to nature," That would be a ticket, a hike into the forest and a campout. "This will just make us stronger." So Lydia had done the packing and the planning. All Sarah had to do was be there.

But of course, it was a dismal day and it was a bit rainy. Of course, Sarah's face swelled with a bitter frown.

"I don't like it." She'd been on bad behavior from the get go.

"Why not?" They'd been in the car then and Lydia hadn't waited for an answer. She'd kissed her troubles away instead and got Sarah back in her good graces. "It'll be lovely out there. Once we find our spot and each other." Lydia remained true to herself. Wasn't this easy for Sarah?

Of course, they trudged on down the trail into the wilderness past the glen. Wasn't this where fairies had found a safe haven and love had some how been tucked under the mystery of darkness and the spontantity of flowers and green clover.

If it hadn't been so cold, Lydia was sure she would have gotten naked on the way. As it was, it was earl spring and they stayed pretty much huddled together pulling each other out of the mud.

"Bugger!" Sarah had came out of her boot. The mud cemented around the ankle of it. "Can't we go back to the car?"

"No." Lydia wouldn't hear of it. They were half way there. They'd have their moment in the forest or else.

"I'm not certain I like your attitude." Sarah scowled.

"And I'm beginning to think you have no balls." Lydia smirked back. "Come on, you have to find your self-reliance. I'm beginning to think you only bank on others, Sarah."

"Well, I have mates, you know. I'm a very good mate. Truly I am!" Sarah spewed as Lydia hiked up the trail leaving Sarah to her own devices. Naturally, Sarah got her boot out of the mud and high tailed it back to the car.

Lydia just rolled her eyes. She thought about going it on her own. But what would be the point. Soon she made her way back too, just to find Sarah in the back seat shivering.

"Happy now?" Lydia asked getting in the front seat of the driver's side.

"No." Sarah could barely spit out the word.

"I just wanted us to have adventures, together." Lydia felt like crying as she looked out into the wide open space, far from the city.

"I know." Sarah barely said above a whisper.

Lydia just frowned that she was far from perfection to be one with nature. Just then she felt Sarah's hand crawl under her damp plain white T. Sarah's lips touched the side of her cheek. Lydia closed her eyes, thinking maybe this wasn't over yet.

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