Thursday, April 2, 2009

cruel intentions

Jeremy aka Will thought it would be the end when Zoe found him in the library. He wasn't sure what he could say over all this time. Nothing.

Yes, there was a time he might have calculated to whisk her away, go to Canada, start a new life. But that felt like ancient history now. She was never all he'd hoped she'd be. He was so over Zoe. And to think there was a time he could have thrown her from the roof, but he didn't.

She looked him over as if she might have some old business to take care of, but the more he waited to hear of it..... there was only one word on her mind. "Sarah."

"Have you seen her?" She looked hurt.

He had an inkling what it was about, but not definite. It seemed Sarah kept secrets from him too. He thought it had all been about shopping. He knew the modeling gigs hadn't exactly worked out. Someone else had been preoccupying her time. Zoe.

"Not for some time." He winced. "You know that's over, don't you?"

"Yeah." She just nodded as if she didn't want to dwell on his past with Sarah. Didn't want to say that she knew he'd been with her for months. "I take it. It didn't end so badly."

"Better than expected," he just smiled. "She is quite bossy, now isn't she?"

"But I like that about her," she then said.

"That makes one of us, I suppose." Jeremy sighed. His days of being Will were over. It was all so fuzzy still about Zoe's past with Mr. Barnes, the baby and Sarah. He was sure it must have been awkward and wished not to bring it up. "I take it she's back in class. And you?"

"Yes." She would barely look at him though. "Its just, I'm not sure where to go from here. I think Sarah has moved on."

"Really?" Well, Jeremy assumed as much. "But not with you?"

"It breaks my heart, to know what she's done to me," Zoe crumbled and Jeremy caught her just in time for her to cry into his chest to leave a wet spot on his sweater. "Its Lydia." She blurted.

"Lydia?" He didn't know her, but he hugged Zoe as an old lover would do. "I want to get her back, but I don't know how."

"And you think I could tell you?" He smiled.

She shook her head.

"I'm sure there must be a way to be the other woman in this trist. It just might take a little time. But you'd have to really want it, you know."

She looked up into his eyes as if she was ready to listen.

Jeremy pursed his lips. He hope this wouldn't endanger his own new relationship with Jamie. This would definitely have to be a delicate matter.

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ellie said...

will & zoe..friend or foe.