Tuesday, February 10, 2009

problem boy

Did he want to think how he'd worshiped Katy from afar now. It felt like a disease more than anything. Perhaps that's when he truly became a creep when he decided he'd just stalk her for a bit. At the mall, to class with her friends, even those.. so called boyfriends of hers.

Colin knew he was much better. Why couldn't she see that? He supposed the best he could do was just to sneak into her dorm room and go through her things. Click a picture of her now and again, anything to remind him that she was a part of his life. Obviously, they weren't on speaking terms.

Anyway, he thought of it as a part-time job. Perhaps a hobby. Really, he did need something to help his funds. It worked out nicely. Dabbling in drugs for his mates and then of course, there was Katy. Always Katy to watch out for.

It was loads of fun being able to just lay in her bed while she was out. Really, he felt so close to her, and she didn't even know it. Once he'd even hidden in her wardrobe to watch her sleep. Honestly, he was quite good at this. She just didn't catch on. Perhaps she was one lost bird. Or life was just too intense for her with a brother, a boyfriend who obviously didn't care and of course, Zac. How in the world did she ever get together with him. Really?

Of course, Colin found his own playmates along the way. After all, he had a rich girl like Laleh to tend to. Her needs for drugs were remarkable, and now and again he'd play up on her sympathy. But after all, she was just a player too. It was never serious with Laleh. No, the only thing serious in his life was Katy. His biggest secret to even his mates. And perhaps it was that seed of angst that made him all the more evil because of it. Honestly, he cared about no one. Nor the little perils he could get into.


Psyconym said...

I think we are all constantly reinventing ourselves. Thanks for the good woshes honey. I hope things are cool with you!

Karine said...

Colin is gorgeous!


Liked this stuff here han?


Thanks for the comment!


Camille said...

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Valentine's to you as well!