Monday, February 23, 2009

one pill will do

Honestly, Colin couldn't say what it was that got the momentum going again with Katy. Perhaps being shunned by Ste now. Or just this old feelings running through his veins.

And it was just by chance. Seriously. He hadn't planned a thing. Really, he hadn't a clue that day, her falling out with Zac nor that idea she had of wanting to get away. But he'd been down at the train station. Just hanging out. Looking for a little action for his cause. A boy had to do what a boy had to do to get by in this mean old world. And then she comes walking by.

He followed. Got next in line. Bought a ticket where she was going. And damn, if his luck hadn't changed. He sat right next to her on the train.

Oh, it had all been very innocent. He'd kept his little book of crappy poems he'd written to read. As if he had nothing better to do waiting all the while, just to get a bit under her skin perhaps. She didn't really need to know who he was now, did she?

"But you look so familiar, " she'd grinned. "Where do I know you from?" She looked him over, studied him a bit.

"Can't say I place you," He wasn't daft but stayed aloof, instead with just a taunt, bringing his hair back so she could have a good look at his dazzling eyes. "I've been to a party of two on campus."

This could be so casual, indeed. How could he sweeten it?

"You look as if you have a lot on your mind?" To think of the trouble he could put her through just made him smile as he put a little pill in her hand for her to clasp.

"What is this for?" She winced slightly.

"Nothing, I just thought you might need something to take the edge off." One little pill could do the trick. "Does traveling not suit you?"

"I travel." She bored him for the next twenty minutes about all the places she'd been.

"Well, then you are a big girl," Colin was wise enough to say. "But you still haven't said if you enjoy it?"

"I get nervous," she told him. "Besides, I suppose it was the right thing to do. Just leave. Let it alone, you know."

"No one knows you're going?"

She shook her head, no.

"Are you sure that was wise?"

"I need some time to myself, that's all." She'd nodded.

"I see." Colin shrugged. "But you don't think it was a mistake?"

She just frowned.

"Let me help you then." He was serious. Dead serious as he put yet another little pill in her hand. "I promise it'll make all your worries go away." And with that, he gave her a bottle of water and she took them.


pinkapplecore said...

Thank you for the lovely comment, I appreciate it! ^. ^

dapper kid said...

Woah he's kinda scary here, I so would not take that pill if I was her!!

Karine said...

I wouldn't take that.

But the conversation is pretty nice.He sure has dazzling eyes.


Thanks for the comments!


♥MademLee♥ said...

yea...sometimes stars dnt noe how lucky they are to have all that glitz and glamour