Sunday, February 15, 2009

one of those kind of things

Not that he thought that much about it now. Really, it was quite quaint. Colin supposed. And as it was at the moment, Ste had definitely seen better days.
It was as if nothing was in his nogg'n, these days after he was hit by a bus. True, Colin wasn't going to bring up the past now. But in all honesty, Colin had to be truthful now. He'd been Ste's first when it came to boyfriends.
Well, it could have been a dare. Colin had been feeling rightly low with the Katy situation even if between Ste and Colin- they'd been making a ment when it came to making a sale with those dandy little pills of their's and the weed wasn't bad, either.
"I say you should be rather proud of yourself, you have a don't you?" Ste had been all smiles at that party back then. Colin recalled. Happy with everything going his way except for Amy.
"Why is that?" Colin wasn't sure he should have asked. It was a bit iffy sometimes just what sort of mates they were. Possibly, just associates. Or maybe they were rather true to each other in order to keep this operation going.
"She's rather boring." Ste confessed.
"That's too bad." Colin had wanted to mention Laleh to him but only he remembered they were blood relations. True though, that lass was full of surprises. "I honestly thought you got plenty of kicks out of her these days."
"Its more work than play," he sighed as if this would not do much longer with Amy.
"Bummer," Colin gave the little homemade cigarette he'd been smoking to Ste then.
"What about you?" Ste then took in some of the buzz.
"Complicated, or the fact she really doesn't know I exist. Perhaps one day." Colin shrugged at the matter.
"Who is she?" Ste winced.
"Katy Fox."
"I hear she plays dead in bed."
"What?" Colin didn't want to hear that.
Ste just smiled. "God, the look on your face, priceless!" He snickered then taking in more of the cigarette. "I just wish I had something to rock my balls off, you know."
"You really shouldn't try too much you sale. It could get ugly and you might end up in the infirmary," Colin was after all a businessman first when it came to their retail.
Ste just laughed at him. "Nice one." Evidently, that wasn't what Ste had in mind. He just stared at Colin more dizzy than ever. He put out the cigarette then, came over, gripped his hands around Colin's face and kissed him deeply without regret.
Now as Colin looked at Ste's still face at Laleh's, he wanted to laugh.
"Zombie," Colin said under his breath. Well, at least Ste had made him forget Katy for a little while. But who was dead in bed now?


♥MademLee♥ said...

yah it does seem like a movie where u do a girls night out type thing :)

Karine said...

Thanks for the comment!I really enjoyed it!

And..I saw that movie!Miss ... Lives for a day.I loved it..So cute.And come on..Amy Adams and That guy from Pushing daisies?Lovely!


A kiss!

dapper kid said...

Bit of an odd way to hook up really. I guess I should feel sorry for Ste because of the bus...but I don't.

Kira Fashion said...

I don´t know!!

Ivyoaks said...

oh..ste makes everyone bad.