Saturday, February 28, 2009

its been awhile

Oddly, since Colin had got back to Hollyoaks, he kept thinking about Ste now. It was sad to see him that way. Nothing, perhaps. Nothing how he was. No ill wills. No anger seething about.

True he'd seen him at his best and his worst. And the sad thing was, he missed old Ste. How could he? The busted lip was now just a faint scar. Of course, if Ste took a liking, he'd have such good fun beating the hell out of him and then wanting Col more.

"I dunno if its suppose to really work that way," Colin had mentioned in the beginning when they were more than chums. Perhaps mates that had taken a wrong turn.

"Then what am I suppose to do, take you out for dinner and a movie?" Ste made it sound so preposterous.

"Not that I want you to spend a dime on me," Colin winced in pain on that occasion. "But must it always start with a row with you."

"That's not a row," Ste always insisted. "You need a good beat'n simple as that."

"Yeah, and you have a few screws ever so wound up or they've fallen out completely." Colin didn't like having this fear with him. Yet, it didn't feel right to have to dope up some lass either, just so it would work.

What sort of warped world did he live in? Was ii possible to find someone who could take you as you were? Without wanting to throw you down or be a wise ass about it. He didn't think it possible. Not for him.


Allison said...

what about this one? lol yea sorry just idk which one to read.

ellie said...

oh..I don't know what to make of Colin..he's so misunderstood.