Friday, February 20, 2009

it had to be

How could Colin forget Ste so easily? They'd had a good time in the beginning.

"Do you even have an inkling what you're doing?" Colin laughed the first moment that Ste had kissed him. Perhaps it was just being high. Yeah, that was it. Nothing to it. But they made out as if it were new and oh so different.

Really, Colin wished he didn't like it so much. Hadn't meant too. After all, there was Katy to think about.

"And how is that going? Really?" Ste had given him the eye with his arm around Colin.

"Not very well," Colin winced. That was the end of that. Ste didn't say to forget about her, he just kissed Colin instead. Somehow, Colin had found his way in, and there didn't seem to be any going back when it came to Ste.

"I'll make it worth your while," Ste had told him, and he'd wanted him too.

Really, Colin couldn't remember anyone else this excited. It so pleased him just to see where it might go.

"I really dunno." All the while Ste was undressing him, caressing him, touching him. It was mind exploding. He felt so many pieces of himself when he was Ste, but he still wanted Katy. Ste couldn't change that.

Perhaps that's what had given Ste the silent treatment in the end. Other than the fact he didn't want a soul to know of their little pact. Colin had done his best to put that to rest.

"Then perhaps we should part," Colin felt it was best. Maybe they'd see each other from time to time, but Ste really had his little gang to run, and Colin wouldn't have a part of that. There had to be something better over the horizon. Just had to be.


Kira Fashion said...

Sometimes it happens...

So great story!

a kiss for you,
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dapper kid said...

I think Colin is making the right decision, but then again if he still has feelings for Ste, he may not be able to stay with Katy...

E.K. said...

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Couture Carrie said...

Love the last paragraph!