Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Perhaps, Katy had Colin's heart, and she didn't even know it.
There was a time he was rather a gentleman. Of course, by now many had forgot. He really wasn't all that bad of a school boy.
Good grades. Nice mates. Even teachers found themselves adoring him.
Colin always knew the right thing to say. Well, then. Possibly not now.
Now he was just a problem waiting to happen. What went wrong? Well, he met Katy Fox.
It was possibly, somewhere between Justin and Zac that it happened. Naturally, one might not remember. Colin doubted Katy did. She was rather fickle, actually.
They'd met at the Loft. Someone's going away party. And yes, she didn't even know he was younger. Honestly, he always felt quite older than her. Perhaps it was just that little girl persona of hers. But it was a good fit. Small talk. Perhaps she was just trying to make someone jealous now, he thought or at-least he did still think about her. Why couldn't she thnk about him?
They'd hit it off that night. Talked. It was great. Like it was the beginning of something. Her smile was contagious, and he only thought good things when she was around. She just made him want to strive better. It would be amazing having her in his world. It was something like that. Honestly, he held on to it like a truth of some kind.
They'd made a date, in fact. Something simple like a movie. First coffee then a movie. Only, Katy never showed. It was as if her memory had slipped. It was as if she didn't even know him.
It cut him deep. Nothing could change his mind after that one moment in time when she stood him up. He'd been nothing to her. Not even a conversation worth remembering. And that's when everything started to unravel.

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