Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Colin wanted so much for it to be going somewhere with Katy. Perhaps that's why they traveled so.

At first it was quite easy to get what he wanted from her. The taste of her sex, the feel of her tender skin next to his. It was as if he'd won the lottery perhaps. But really? Was fingering her enough. Was having his way with her all that would ever do?

True, there was no real substance in any of this. She'd come with him doped up and quite loopy. He loved the lie then. He did. It made him happy because she made him happy. Happy that she couldn't get enough of cock. She wanted to go at it everywhere. On the train. A bus. The taxi perhaps.

A view was never enough.

"We should have sex here," It seemed to be Katy's answer to everything. Perhaps it was just to hard to keep up. Keep it up. Somehow it got unnerving. She didn't love him. She never would. Not when he was left to his own devices without the drugs. Without the funds.

How long could he go at this game? What might have been mischief was now becoming sheer hell. This trip had somehow gotten out of control. Colin had thought he could handle anything with Katy. Anything. But the pills were wearing thin. Perhaps she was just use to them by now. Maybe he never wanted her, anyway.


ellie said...

So warped. But maybe he really had a reality check.

dapper kid said...

Woah ok, it could be rather a dangerous game to play with Katy. Oh and you should introduce Ravi, he's quite a likeable character, a bit old fashioned in that misogynist way but still lol.

Kira Fashion said...

Its a start...

great story :)

a kiss!