Tuesday, January 27, 2009

getting it

Freddie was so glad when the baby went to sleep, and he was happy to see Gilly when he found his room.

"You must let her do some things," Freddie whispered in Gilly's ear. Now that he was here, he had a few more of the essentials to share with Gilly.

"Yeah, I know, but she's been through so much," Gilly winced.

"Well, its her turn now," Freddie kissed Gilly as he unbuttoned his shirt and took him out of it. His hands stroked at Gilly's chest to make things tense. Freddie sighed with satisfaction. Yes, Gilly wasn't to tired, after all. His cock was throbbing and so hard. This pleased Freddie even more. Neither had taken a drink. "You've been on my mind all day."

"Well, I've thought of you too." Gilly barely got out the words as Freddie tugged at him, pulling him into bed.

"How so?" Freddie wanted to hear of it.

Gilly just smiled but his face tensed as if he might explode in Freddie's hands. They laid there touching for sometime.

"I-" His cock just seem to stiffen more.

"You are quite amazing, you know," Freddie thought he should say so as he sensed Gilly's pain and thought he should put it to good use instead of letting it waste here so vulnerable. "I don't think you even get it, do you?" Freddie Frenched Gilly then and stroked him harder. Finally he pushed Gilly on his stomach. He'd have to enlighten him a little as what was to come. He pried with his fingers, inside Gilly. His buttocks were so firm and inviting. Freddie couldn't help but to plow himself in with his own stiff flesh. He'd grind in deep, pulling Gilly into place. Obviously, he'd get the point soon.

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