Monday, October 6, 2008

a tiger in the village

Kieron and Ste couldn't stay away that long. The hostle could only keep them away for a bit. Really, it wasn't all that much fun roughing it.

It looked as if he could almost get his old job back at the perrish. Well, it was a step down. He was still a priest. Only a youth minster this go around which was actually a good thing. Possibly.

At least he didn't have to live at the church. There had been enough funds to put him up at the brownstone. Since he'd be teaching, religious classes, mostly. Perhaps, a history class as well. Seems there was a shortage of teachers these days.

It wasn't that he needed much in the studio apartment. There was enough space for Ste and himself. It was cozy. Although, no one was supposed to know Ste was there which made it all the more a pleasure to keep his company.

"I don't think we have that much to worry about anymore," Kieron had assured Ste.

"Those silly coppers haven't a clue I'm even back. They seriously don't have my number." Ste grinned back as they couldn't possibly wait to try out the bed. Thankfully, big enough for the two of them.

At least, Ste was more calm. Not so hyper. But he still had Kieron undressed at warp speed, pulling him in for more than just something Frenched.

Their skin touched, making each other slide into position to enjoy each other the most. Kieron was so in tune to how Ste worked now. His mouth. His fingers. How his tongue pressed against his.

Thoughts of John Paul were lost. How could he possibly think what was. He was lost in Ste. And he was certain it was the better of it. Now wasn't it? He had no guilt of anything anymore. Things were going to be better this time around.

Kieron knew it even if he did have a tiger of sorts in his bed.

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autumn said...

i'm still waiting for Ste's karma. lol. kidding. =]]