Saturday, October 4, 2008

love & hate

It was wearing thin with Rhys about what he'd done with Sasha.

He didn't think it was revenge sex by any means. It wasn't. Yet, deep down. It could have been. He had to get back at Kelsy somehow, and fucking her brother's girlfriend would have been the ticket any other day.

But it was Sasha. His little Sasha. Although, he hardly thought of her as little. She'd had more than two boyfriends in her life. And he'd waited long enough. He just wished he'd been the first. Now he felt like the last. He intended to keep it that way. Possibly.

Deep down he wanted her to be the only lover she'd ever known. Now he just wanted it to be something special. Maybe it was. It wasn't just any day he brought a girl to his room. He never. He'd meet at their place. Usually, have his fun and go. Go. Yeah, thats the way it was supposed to be, wasn't it?

Now he felt just sad. Why couldn't he talk to her? He wouldn't take Josh's message. He knew it would probably be about Sasha. He hated the fact they were so close. They always had been. She didn't have that with him. Not really. It just wasn't fair.

He thought he'd spotted her one night down at the dog, but he guessed it wasn't so. He went chasing after her, but it was dark and it turned into nothing.

Kelsy was being her usual self. Coming on strong. Leading him on and then dropping him like a cannon ball. He'd seen her with Fletch. It just didn't seem possibly true. How could she pick him. What did he do that was so damn pleasing? Maybe it was the fact he was there in the morning. He'd do the little things she'd ask to do.

This relationship stuff sucked. He really wasn't all that much good at it. And yet, it all came back to Sasha. He wished he hadn't felt this drawn to her. He wanted to stop it. But now he felt so alone. And it felt down lonely being in love.

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autumn said...

aw. i like a guy when he thinks like that. about love. it seems to be so unusual to them. lol.