Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kelsy and the boys

Kelsy was thriving on this new found thrill with the band. She had her best scream. And she could rock it. All thanks to Fletch. She supposed. Ian had warmed up to the idea too. They were now Kelsy and the boys.

At least she was only fucking one of them. Of course, sometimes, she thought Ian might need it. He was a little blue, lately. Ever since Lauren had let him go.

"Its not the end of the world, mate." She'd tried to cheer him up. Even offered to suck him off if that would help. Evidenly, not. He was rather prudish.

"Well, maybe you aren't really into girls then." She'd suggested. Actually, he was just way to depressed to keep this operation going.

"Lauren, meant everything to me." Truth be told he would have never started this band if he hadn't been for her. Now she'd dropped him for a girl to cuddle and kiss. Kelsy supposed it was quite a pisser.

"You have to pick yourself up, you miserable bloke. Grow your hair out for god's sakes. Really those ears could drive anyone away, you know that, don't you." She advised.

It only left Ian in a whimper.

"She's only trying to help, mate." Fletch informed him. "We up it a notch. We go places for people to find us, we just might have ourselves a following."

"That's not a bad idea," Kelsy liked it. They could play on their own time. Not wasting their time scheduling this gig and the next. She was still a barmaid at the Black Cat. "Let them come to us."

"And remember do something with the hair, mate." Fletch just shrugged as he picked up his guitar ready for a jam session at thier little hideaway at the factory.

All eyes were on Ian now. He was the one who'd have to change. Not Fletch and Kelsy.


autumn said...

i heard that "miserable bloke" from Tigger (Pooh bear's friend). lol.

Ian should be enjoying. well, nobody can help him but himself. *shrugs*

Justkyut said...

Hey Ivy thanks for leaving a comment. Thanks a lot. I guess I have a lot of (reading) catching up to do. LOL!