Monday, September 15, 2008

it could be fun

Sasha unloaded a bunch of T-shirts at Cecil's record shop for Ian's band. She didn't know it would be so much work. Of course it was good to be working. Especially, with Cecil. Yet, she wondered if they were floundering in this business.

No one seldom came in. Spike was supposed to be working, but half the time he was never here. He kept saying he was keeping the place a float with his E-bay account. Who knew for sure.

Cecil would not speak of it. He seemed really crazy about helping out Ian's band. The Psycho Pixies were going to have a CD party here. Yeah, Ian had finally settled on a name. Of course, he wouldn't look Sasha's way since her little sister, Lauren had dumped him for Laleh.

She wasn't even sure she could understand it. Really, she didn't want to. She kept thinking it a phase. It had to be, didn't it?

As it was she kept away from her father and her siblings. She wasn't fond of her big brother, and her favorite brother Sonny was off in London, presumably. But she'd heard rumors of him too which were just as worse as what she had to put up with Lauren.

Really, she had to get used to the record store because all she really had was Cecil.

He was talking how he'd take some photos of her in the T-shirts. It would be a PR campaign for the band.

"Don't you think Kelsy should be doing it? She is the lead singer, isn't she?"

"Big deal, they have their posters. You, you can sale these things." He was sure of it.

Sasha rolled her eyes.

"Not today." She was tired and irritable. It was tea-time and she hadn't even had lunch.

"All right." Cecil shrugged and went off to do something. "Take a break, then."

As if she had to hear it from him. She'd take her break when ever she wanted. He was not the boss of her. Except she lived with him and worked with him. Really, it was OK for the most part. But it was all getting down right tedious. And work. Work at home. Work here. Would it always be this way?

About then the store door jangled. She looked up and it was Rhys. Honestly, he looked better than she'd seen him in month.s She was so over her crush with him. Or so she thought. But really, he looked as if he was here for something special.

"What are you looking for?" She couldn't be easy on him still. Now could she? She crossed her arms and looked at him miserably.

"You," he smirked. "That's who."

"What is it?"

"Don't give me that," Rhys frown just a bit but then he perked up. "Come to the cinema with me."

"What for?"

"A movie. Popcorn, the like." He sighed, pushing himself forward toward her across the counter.

"What has gotten in to you?" She almost laughed.

"I've decided to do as I damn well please. Its over with Kelsy." He shrugged.

"Does she know this?" Sasha winced.

"Does it really matter? She's been carrying on with Fletch right under my nose, now hasn't she?"

Sasha gave him a deep sigh.

"Oh, come on, you'll enjoy it. We'll have a laugh." He nodded.

"All right." She mentioned to Cecil she'd be taking off for a bit. She grabbed her purse then following him out. Sasha wondered if Rhys really remembered the last time they were at a movie and what happened.

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