Sunday, September 14, 2008

at the sea with Ste

Kieron felt as a ghost of late. He was getting farther and farther from John Paul. It made him physically ill in some ways.

He couldn't sleep at night. Then near morning , he felt he was in the neither world, half slumbering, half in a dream about his life with John Paul that would never exist.

What had he done to deserve this? Was it all because of a can of Drano.

As the train's rhythm drove him into slumber, he thought this might be the finest moment, looking back at Ste, all still, but beautiful.

A bit of him wanted to share a secret with him, but still Kieron knew it wasn't a good idea. The more it shed light on what had happened some time ago would only make it more real. And it didn't feel real at all to Kieron, anymore. Someone else had done that at John Paul's house. Not him.

Ever so slowly, Kieron reached and touched Ste's fingers. He so much wanted to touch them with his mouth. He supposed that would have to wait. He laid back. Perhaps this was a good time for a nap.

Once they pulled into the train station and made there way out toward the beach as if regular tourists at the end of the summer season.

"Its frightful cold," Kieron mentioned.

"Then we'll need an ale or two to warm up, won't we," Ste shrugged.

"And what funds have you been poking around?" Kieron as of yet to figure out Ste's financial status.

"I have the family jewels," Ste just smiled.

"I hope they are worthy," Kieron smirked back as they took to the first pub they came too. Naturally, they got an order of fish and chips along with a good ale to wash it down. Then another drink for good measure.

Finally they walked around a bit, but not too long. Their coats were light weight, and it was getting dark on the cobbled streets. Eventually, they made their way to a hostel out of the way.

It was just the bare necessities. No hot water. A toilet down the hall and of course, no heat.

Ste got out the thin cigarettes from a hidden pocket in his hoodie.

"These should warm us up," Ste tossed them to the mattress on the floor.

Kieron tugged him out of his dark hoodie. He took a good look as Ste's lanky bare chest. Finally he removed his own sweater.

Ste kissed Kieron hard as if knew exactly what he'd came for.

Kieron then looked back at the cigarettes. "Before or after?"

"After of course." Ste smiled unzipping Kieron's pants and unbuttoning his own as well. He toyed with Kieron a bit as he kissed him more.

Just the street light outside was shining through the their bare open window. It was just enough light to let Kieron see all of Ste as he finally undressed. Kieron kissed his chest then and his fingers traced across his nipples and downward where he found his cock happily waiting for him.

Ste pushed at Kieron's pants until Kieron finally got out of them. Ste kissed him more, and he pulled Kieron down to the mattress. He pushed the cigarettes off the mattress so they were in reaching distance when he decided to light them. But that might be a while. He touched Kieron then, stroked him until he knew was about to burst. Thats when he came down on him.

Kieron squinted hard. Ste's tongue was so warm and inviting. Kieron almost felt in a dream state. It was then that Ste turned away wanting him to come inside him.

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autumn said...

another hot and steamy scene. lol. but am still waiting what could happen to evil Ste. *grins*