Saturday, August 2, 2008

on the limb

Kieron feared the worst. There was no way he could stay with Kris any longer. But where was he to go? He was finished as a priest. It was all settled. Of course, he'd kept it all hush hush. That's the way the church worked, wasn't it?

He was free? But he didn't have John Paul.

Why couldn't He face up to him? Why? The guilt was eating at him. He wasn't sure it was because of the one thing he left behind in John Paul's house, or the fact he was sleeping with Kris.

He hated this. He hated the pain he'd cause or would cause.

But it just wasn't working with Kris who really did want to keep him a little secret.

"You're just too clingy," Kieron finally broke the news to Kris. He was leaving. He didn't know where he would go, but he wasn't staying with Kris any longer.

"You know you couldn't find anyone finer," Kris informed him.

Kieron knew he could. And he would, if only he got up the courage to find J.P, but he was in France the last he heard, and Kieron certainly didn't have the funds to go find him. It was just a disaster.

Kieron left before Kris could coax him into another night. Kieron walked out with just the clothes on his back. After all, he felt lost.

And it was deep into the night when he bumped into Ste out and about in the park.

"A penny for your thoughts?" Ste asked.

"I hadn't got a penny," Kieron just smiled.

"Me, either." Ste shrugged. "Its all been rather shitty as of late." They sat down on a park bench to chat.

"Tell me about it," Kieron could definitely identify.

Ste went on about how his boyfriend was definitely a two faced lover.

"I can't trust him."

"It happens." Kieron just shrugged hoping the poor fool never knew how Kieron complicate things in his own life.

"I really wish I could trust someone, you know?" Ste looked sad instead of angry. "I don't know how to work it out."

"Then forget him." Kieron said it and he went in bouts forgetting J.P. . It hurt to think of him with another. Their whole conversation was making him melancholy. Kieron had to keep moving. He couldn't last another second here sitting on this bench next to Ste.

"Wait?" Ste begged, but he kept walking till they both found the overpass. It was there when they looked at each other that perhaps they both knew what they were aching for. Each other.

Kieron leaned in first as if he had show Ste he didn't need to be a dog to show affection. Somehow the stem of Ste's anger subdued as they Frenched in the dark for the longest time.

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UmassSlytherin said...

I love ste even though he thinks he's such a hot shit!! :)

one more thing, just told ellie: just wanted to let you know, in case you didn't know: thousands are being effected right now by an internet explorer problem, some people have been shut out of blogs, including their own. I had to get into your blog by using a different browser (I am using firefox right now) because the problem is with internet explorer. So if you are having trouble getting into my blog, try doing that.