Wednesday, August 6, 2008

leave it

Ste got in a row with Laleh. It was a first. Actually. They never bothered to be a family. After all, she had a mother for a nutter and their Dad was off investing, now wasn't he?

He'd still be working through the tough love crap with Dad if it wasn't for Laleh. Honestly, she'd been the only one nice to him. But she said Kieron had to go.

"Why?" Ste wasn't going to show any emotion about it, but she made it so hard.

"Why not?" Laleh scowled. "It was a one off, wasn't it?"

"How do you know?" Ste croaked.

"He's not here is he?" Laeh reminded him. "Isn't he a priest or something?" They'd banged pots and pans around in the kitchen just to get on each others nerves.

"Or something," Ste muttered.

"Look, I'm sorry if you're on a downer, just no need to breakdown if it didn't work out with whomever." She left Newt's name out of it. He wondered if she knew. Didn't she know everything?

"How do you know?"

"You're distraught, you wanker," Laleh looked at him as if he were quite pathetic. Maybe he was. "You get into these sucidal tendencies. And take it all out on that Billy in the park. You're on a breakdown for sure."

"I didn't touch him." Ste promised.

"Oh, sure you didn't." Laleh kept it up.

"I didn't!" Ste snapped back. "He did it to himself."


"I'd really like to do the little rat in if half a chance. He comes out of no where and does his little theatrics and starts screaming for a copper," Ste sat and stewed at the kitchen table for a bit.

"You must have done something." Laleh gave him a hard stare.

"I did nothing."

"Well, maybe it was what you did to someone else," Laleh told him. "You're not exactly a saint around here, are you?"

"Guess not." Ste gritted his teeth. Why did she have to make him wallow?

"Maybe you should think about getting back with Amy," Laleh then suggested. She reached for his hand as if to give him comfort. He slipped his hand away. He couldn't let her touch him.

"Amy? Are you off your rocker? Of course not, its a done deal. I'd never go crawling back to her!" It was final. No going back to Amy.

"But you had the daddy thing all down, now didn't you? You do care for Leia, don't you?"

This made him bitter to even think about. He closed his eyes. Yes, in spite of his devious ways, he did think of her as family when she really wasn't. That was something he couldn't wash away in thought.

He needed to be with himself. Not having his so-called sister making judgement on him.

"Just leave it, will you!" He didn't want to speak of it, again. He didn't want her to even know he was in the house. There were plenty of rooms between them. Ste just needed time to figure out what to do next. Did he even want Newt back? Of course, he did.

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