Tuesday, August 19, 2008


They'd touched for the longest time where they always wanted to spend time with each other. Their little hideaway in the attic of the library. Yes, Newt and Billy had claimed it.

Their clothes were in a wad on the floor. It was still daylight out in the late evening. Newt couldn't help but breathe Billy in. Little by little. All of him. After sucking him off he'd left Billy hard and ready for the inevitable.

It was time.

"You can hurt me all you want," Newt knew this was new to Billy. This last part, but only it felt like the first part now.

"What do you mean?" Billy looked at him a bit troubled. "I don't want to hurt you. I'm not Ste."

"I know." Newt let a slight smile slip. "Its just I'm used to this sort of thing, while you aren't quite as-" he didn't want to say he was novice. That would be so wrong. "I'm ready when you are."

"All right."

Newt wanted to continue to stare into Billy's steal blue eyes, but he turned his back to Billy. He'd have to go on a little faith with this. A part of him wished he'd gone first, but still it would have hurt Billy more.

The maneuvers were awkward. Newt caught himself reaching back to help Billy. It was wobbly, but a laugh went through Newt. He was actually happy. He never really remembered being this truly happy.

Except. Maybe with Amy, but no, he was happy thinking of Billy when he was with Amy. That was what had gotten him through the whole ordeal.

"Just don't worry," Newt whispered. No wrapper to shield them from each other. Newt rolled to his stomach once Billy got there. Inside. Grinding in tender yet so raw and amazingly pulsing through Newt.

He heaved then, just a little. Billy was melting too into some sort of fascination that only Newt could sense. Newt shut his eyes without a squint or a flinch. He felt his heart thump happily as he knew it was just as he should be.

Afterwards, Billy laid back as if all his strength had been zapped from him. Newt found his warm lips, he stuck to Billy's sweat on his chest. Newt felt a little sad as he pushed his fingers through Billy's hair.

Billy breathed in deeply as if he'd been through a bit of a work out.

"I'm dizzy. I'm totally drunk with you," Billy breathed in and out. Newt couldn't help but stroke him back hard. He felt Billy on fire as he quivered. Newt Frenched him more as they laid in each others arms until Newt could wait no more. He needed Billy.

Newt rolled him to his stomach then and rubbed his back. Kissed the sweat away all the way to his buttocks until Billy was in a complete lull. First, Newt pried between his buttocks with his thumb. He felt Billy in to him. He prodded more with his fingers until he knew Billy was burning for him.

It was a slow burn. Just what Newt had been waiting for. His weight came down on Billy as pressed harder, but then pulled back slightly. It was amazing as he cut in deeper to Billy. Deeper. And yet it was all the more fun pulling slowly back to make it last. He wanted it to last as long as he could with Billy.


blue hearts said...

ok..umm..pretty hawt. but i feel a little sad for newt. even so.

Kira Fashion said...

so cool!!!

a kiss!!!