Wednesday, July 2, 2008

just another dark nightmare

Ste was in a stew. Newt could already tell when they met up later in the dark at the park. The quietness was getting to Newt. Finally Ste let into him.

"For fuck's sake! What the hell do you mean fancying Amy, just now?" Ste's eyes were like a vicious snake's, and he gave Newt a hard glare.

"What ever do you mean? Fancy her?" That was a laugh.

"I saw you with her. Going on an on with baby Leia, what's this about?" Ste gripped his fingers around Newt's head. "Tell me!"

"It was nothing. I'm sure you must be worried. You'd want to know if she was OK, thats all." Newt shrugged trying to forget that Ste could use his head for a football if he pleased.

Ste pulled away just then, and looked up at the stars above. "I don't get you." His eyes looked back down once again at Newt. "Aren't you happy, with me?"

"Happy?" Newt remained even lip. His eyes were moist from desperation. Why do some victims come back to the abductors? What was he, his trained seal? Ready to do tricks for him at a moments notice.

"You fancy someone else then?"

Newt was about to crumble. He couldn't dare say who. Would it even matter? Ste kissed him hard then. All Newt could do was to kiss him back so he wouldn't get suspicious. He dreamed some kind of ninja could swoop down, choke Ste right then and rid the world of him, but that didn't happen.

A cold shiver ran through him. Newt felt more sad than ever before. The idea of Billy seeing them together cut his throat dry, the thought he might choke. Ste put his arm around him. Newt knew then where they were going. Back to Ste's.


UmassSlytherin said...

Good stuff! :) Thanks for the link love, by the way: I returned the favor on my site! :) Cheers!

Cait said...

Ste is such a monster.

ellie said...

I'm glad Newt's met Billy, but I still feel bad for him with Ste.