Wednesday, June 11, 2008

oh, Mr. Owens

Laleh was ready for something romantic to happen in her vixen way. She wore her school uniform like before, just the way Mr. Owens remembered.

He was coming. He had too. She'd demand it of him if he were a no show. She could make life very difficult for him, otherwise. She studied her pout in the mirror. She didn't want to be too aggressive, but just enough to make him want to stay.

When the door bell rang, she answered it quickly. He was on time and looked about as frisky as some of the other lads she'd brought home. But this one was a man, it pleased her that he'd be puddy in her hand.

"You're here." She said rather coy letting him into the foyer. Immediately, she pulled his shirt out of his pants. Things would be much more comfortable in her room than downstairs. After all, they did have to keep this under wraps.

She really wasn't much in to talk as they proceeded up the stairs to her bedroom. And she waited patiently to see if he'd make the first move.

He reached under her skirt, knew exactly how to begin. He stroked her gently with his finger. She heaved with delight and unbuttoned her blouse. He saw her exposed then and reached to kiss her left tit then nursed the right with such passion she thought she might quiver with ecstasy.

She felt hot for him then and noticed how much he wanted her, too as she got into his pants and sucked him off. Finally she sat atop of him, biting her bottom lip as if this might be the time to really set him straight.

"I'm a virgin, " Laleh said. "Really."

Russ looked at all over her as his hands came around her waist.

"How can I believe you?" His eyes narrowed.

She only smirked, pressed her fingers around his penis and then let him enter her. She sighed with a bit of relief then, but then she squinted and rode out the pain into pleasure.

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Bard Girl said...

There are a bunch of Hollyoaks episodes that you can find at Unfortunately the girl at Veoh hasn't uploaded anything recently but I'll keep checking so now I'm off to watch some Hollyoaks.