Sunday, June 15, 2008

Newt & Amy

Newt was a little distressed when he found out Josh and Simon were making plans to move in together. He knew he'd see them enough as it was at the library, but just the same they were chums he could count on, and he really didn't need them so far away. They were moving in to the Black Cat and he lived at The Dog so you could see it could be a fuss.

There there was the Ste matter to consider. It was strange to fight with him about the village and then to kiss him later in Ste's kitchen. It was a hush hush situation, and it really stressed him intentionally. He believed.

He had no one to share it with. It would have been stooping to low to go all the way to Spike's and tell him everything. It was just he needed to tell someone, but who?

It was a horrible time for him. Depressing even. He was seriously thinking the cutting game. Although, he'd never thought it would come to that. After all, he was Newt.

He was in the library thinking this matter when he saw Amy. She looked rather sad, and he was sure he couldn't find her a book to read.

"Can I help?" Had he lost it. He never helped anyone in the village. This was an all time low for Newt.

"What could you do? My life is a mess. I have no one. My sister has her modeling and her Librarian. My one true love is moving in with his boyfriend, and Ste has broke it off for good. Don't know what I saw in the prat, anyway. Maybe I should find Leia's father. I just don't know how."

Newt nodded thinking it was quite a dilemma. "What's her father's name?"

"Billy," was all she could manage to blubber.

"That's all you've got to go on?"

She nodded sadly.

"He's in the village, aye?"


"Must be a haunt of some sort you might remember." Newt looked at her, hoping he would will her to think harder.

"We were in the bushes when it happened. He liked football." She squinted.

Newt sat down then thinking it was better to think of someone else's problem than his own. "What else?"

"Not all that much."

Newt pursed his lips. He'd have to think on this. Perhaps it would do no good. "You could come back to The Dog with me for a drink and some crisps."

She nodded.

Poor lass, he felt the thick of it for her, and he didn't even know why.

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Cait said...

Newt & Amy...hmmm..interesting.