Wednesday, June 18, 2008

going in circles

Will/Jeremy wasn't in any hurry to get back to Hollyoaks. In fact he wanted to stay away for good.

"Oh, please, Jeremy. And you are my Jeremy now. Don't even think it. You are Jeremy. You will be always be my Jeremy. Not Will. Don't let anyone phase you on the street if they were to ask. Ignore them completely. " Spike believed he could do that. He didn't want to let him go back to Sarah anymore than Jeremy wanted to be a part of her fondue party planning.

Spike pressed his fingers over Jeremy's smooth face. Then gave him an open kiss. "I could eat you up all over again, if that would help." Spike smiled with a sigh remembering Jeremy was right across the hall. He could sneak over anytime. "You be sure to send her off on as many of those modeling jobs as you can." Spike looked him in the eye.

Jeremy nodded.

"I just don't know if I can deal with it. I don't feel like Will anymore." He still looked troubled to Spike who had nursed him as much as he could.

"What you could think about is to leave Sarah. Leave her. Then you could be with me. And we'd live happily ever after." Spike pressed his lips together as he hesistated to even load the car for the trip back to the village.

"I'm not sure this is the right time. I've exposed so much as it is. She's a rather fragile lass, you know." Jeremy winced.

"Nonsense," Spike squeezed his shoulders. "She's a very strong female who can go it on her own."

Jeremy sighed. They kissed again.

"Perhaps we should go back in the cabin and make sure everything is as we left it." Spike smiled. He so wanted to mess the bed sheets up, again. He knew it really wouldn't take much to pry Jeremy into bed.

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