Monday, June 30, 2008

finding his cause

Newt didn't want to admit it, but there was something about Billy. There was. Maybe Billy didn't even get it. But it was there. Plain and simple. This connection.

Of course, Newt had good sense not to let it happen. He just couldn't. Not when he had Ste breathing down his back. And yet, Newt thrived in making Ste mad. Why was it like that? It was if the more bitter he was, the more happy Newt became.

And he knew it would work. Especially, when Billy showed up. Oh, it was all going to work into play once he saw Amy. They'd kiss, makeup. Newt was sure of it. Billy would adore Leia.

Happy ever after. Right?

Oh, it should have gone like that. It was supposed too. But something in the cards, evidently weren't right. Billy, couldn't handle it. He just couldn't. It was there in his body language. He was a scared duck. So to speak.

"Now, now, it'll take some time," Newt had told him in confidence over a drink at the Black Cat since he didn't want anyone getting wind of him actually socializing. "Don't rush it." He gave Billy a pat on the back, and it was so hard to remove his hand from his back, but he had too. But there was a longing when he looked into those beautiful blue eyes of Billy. All Newt could do was nurse his bottom lip.

God, it was true, he was the one who had been Had. Just a wishful bliss to think he could somehow turn the spokes of some one's sick mind, hoping to make him hurt more than he already did. Truth be told, Newt was the one who was falling for Billy.

And by the looks of it, possibly, Billy was falling for him too.

They had a row of sorts in the men's restroom. At least it got the patrons out, and they had time to lock the door. But it was Billy who kissed him first. Newt thought he might leave all sense of reality, when Billy knocked him up against the wall in a rush of passion.

It took his breath away. And the most luscious thing about it were Billy's lips on his. Newt had never found anything quite as satisfying in such a long time. And it was the kissing, fast and furious in the beginning but it ended up slowly, endearing and calming.

How in the hell would he ever get out from under Ste's thumb?

"Listen," Newt finally told Billy after there breathless encounter, "We have to find a way to get Amy and Ste back together."

"Why would we want that? Why must we even care?" Billy grinned.

"Because, once they're out of both our lives then it'll give us just more room for each other." Newt wasn't sure if he could make Billy understand.

"But I don't even like Amy." Billy shrugged.

"I can see." Newt sighed with raw lips as he heart raced wanting more of Billy.

"So what is it?"

"Its Ste." Newt stared into Billy's blue eyes hoping to get lost in them.


"I hate him with a passion. Its just he can't seem to get out from under my skin, lately," Newt winced.

"And, and what would you like for me to do about it?"

"I dunno, its a nightmare I've gotten used to for the most part, but I'd so much like to change it, and even more now that I've met you," Newt confessed feeling the comfort of Billy's hands at his sides.

"Possibly, you've just gone about it all wrong," Billy told him. "Let me take care of him."

"No." Newt slightly shook with fear of Ste's wrath. "I couldn't stand myself if something were to happen to you."

"And I couldn't stand myself either, if I just let you go." Billy touched his cheek then.

They kissed then. It was a rhythm of their own beat. Newt had never felt anything quite like it. To have someone truly on his side.

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