Friday, June 27, 2008

an equation that needs no math

Newt had to be very careful with this friendship with Amy. Really, she was quite sad and he thought she might even try to do herself in by the way she'd been depressed, lately.

All he wanted to do was lift her spirits. Was that a crime?

"I think I found your Billy, perhaps." He'd invited her out for a smoothie with the baby. Of course, he wasn't going to go into the details he'd spent snooping around the school where Billy went. It was rather a long progress. He'd spent far too many sleepless nights trying to find this person of interest to Amy.

On top of that, he had to mix in the friend factor. Had to talk her up a bit to get him interested, as well. Sort of rekindle the flame that once was. If that was not enough, there was Ste to contend with as well. He still had to be there for the monster.

If only, it would work. Get Amy back in the good graces of Billy. Ste takes a look and he'd want his Amy back. It was crystal clear to him. Only, it was feeling a bit murky with Amy dragging her feet about the matter.

"It was Billy, now wasn't it?" Maybe Amy hadn't clarified entirely as he'd hoped. "Well, don't you want him back?"

"I dunno know." She looked quite dismal over the matter. "It could open a whole new can of worms, now couldn't it?"

"What are worms, but fish food, and make the soil better," Newt remained positive. "He could be the answer of all your problems. Right? Leia deserves to know her real Daddy. Not this Ste fellow who keeps you in a row, for fuck's sake. Do it, Amy! Take a chance!" He himself was getting antsy for the poor Billy to show . Well, actually, he looked quite dandy and if Amy didn't want him, well, Newt could think up a thing or two to do with the lad. That is if he had a chance of persuasion. As it was, he'd won him this far over.

"I'd take a chance, if you might be there," Billy had told him a day or so ago when Newt suggested this meeting.

"Why of course." Newt was a manipulator of champions, perhaps, but he'd came off like a mere confidant. Billy's confidant.

"If it goes badly, you'll save me, won't you?"

"Why of course," Newt caught his laugh and played up his sincerity. "I am at your disposal." Perhaps he was a little impish in implying their quick friendship. But the lad really needed him.

Newt just couldn't wait for it all to fall apart.


ellie said...

what is newt up too?

another ellie said...

He's such a manipulator...well, here anyway.