Tuesday, May 20, 2008

a whip in my valise

Afterwards, when Newt fell back on the pillow in a pool of Ste's sweat. Newt shook slightly, knowing he smelled of Ste's scent of nicotine and bitterness. His energy was gone, and it was quiet. Maybe he had gone to sleep.

But he hadn't. His hand came around Newt's cheek and into his hair. He smiled down at Newt and he kissed him as his hand slid down his side and touched his buttocks, edging him closer as he Frenched him deeply.

"You're lovely," Ste whispered to Newt. "I just don't want you going on hating me."

"I won't."

"But you will, you have too," he then said.

"I- I don't understand." But maybe he did. Ste touched the tip of his penis. Naturally, Newt burned for him now with even a slight touch. Ste laughed lightly as if this amused him even more.

"What don't you understand?" He pouted slightly. "We have to keep this invisible."

"And Amy?"

"She's out of the picture," Ste said.

"For good." Ste Frenched him once more, tugged his penis so gently. "I think we should give it another go. You're mad in bed, you know."

"Yeah, things might go faster if I had a whip in my valise." Newt sat up on his elbows. He wasn't sure if he had the energy, yet Ste had a way of pumping it out of him.

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