Tuesday, May 6, 2008

solutions and the like

Naturally, Hannah broke down when she saw Rhys there in the hospital bed. Of course, she blamed herself and how selfish she'd been. Freddie could hardly stand to be there. He hugged her closer.

It was just the two of them, after all. They had not made three.

"I think we should go away," he told her, wiping her tears away. "This sort of atmosphere does you no good. You deserve a holiday."

"I don't. I can't. My brother might never be the same." She cried into his chest as she hugged him.

"Rhys wouldn't want you being sick if you stayed here. He'd want you to be happy." Freddie was making a promise right now that he could make her happy if only she'd let him.

"I don't know." She hadn't done as well in her classes as she'd intended. She was a total wreck.

"Then we should go to Greece. Even Paris would do. Maybe both." After all, Freddie had been saving up and then perhaps taking more from Mrs. Robinson than he should have, but she'd been most gracious with her tips. He could certainly fund a long holiday.

"That would be a fortune." She just couldn't.

"You must. Its the best medicine I can think of for you right now." He kissed her forehead then. "You'll see, it'll be different once we've had this holiday. We both need it." Perhaps there was a bit revenge that gave Freddie the courage. He couldn't help but want to hurt Josh more.

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