Thursday, May 1, 2008

scorpio rising

Lunch time was the worst at school. As Newt would have it and if Frankie wouldn't have been such a meanie about it, he would gone home for lunch. But as it was, Frankie said he should "socialize." A word Newt absolutely despised. How could she?

It didn't help that Lauren had taken to Laleh and her little circle. It was awful to see so many happy faces. And naturally, everyone avoided him as well. It was not a nice time of the day.

Of course, he had Simon and Josh, but they were so much into each other. There was no way he cold pry them apart. He didn't want to anyway. He saw enough of them as it was at the library.

So he'd sneak off to the school yard and wish he was a little kid again, but as luck would have it, he'd find Ste with his mates who might as well be the school mob.

Ste threatened to beat his face in if he even looked there way. And Newt was really trying hard not to look, but they were practically on top of him trying to bully out what little petty cash he might have brought with him. As it was, he didn't have any. He never ate lunch, anyway.

Little did anyone know that he was trying to see how long he could go without food. Newt was determined that this would make him stronger. Aside from the fact that the fear still lingered that he might not be at the Deans for good. What if he was shipped out for some reason beyond him? It could happened. It had happened before. He had to be ready for anything.

Although, he craved for crisps. A boy his age couldn't exactly survive on tea and dry biscuits, but he aimed too. Yet, if he had to face the bullies everyday, he wasn't backing down. If he felt like leaning against the wall watching the little ones play, so be it. He hadn't had to have stitches yet.

But one day, it was just Ste. His posse wasn't with him, not even Amy. And Newt pretty much knew the drill. Ste would punch him, then a kick, go through his pockets and make off with a bit of change. It felt like an old dance now. The timing was down to seconds.

"You could give me what you've got," Ste said.

"No, that would be giving up. Some day I'll beat your arse and I'll steal what you have in your pockets." Newt wasn't backing down. He got up in Ste's face and gave him a right punch which really didn't draw blood. Just the same, it left Ste speechless. Then came another punch to the stomach and Newt swiftly swung his footballer foot around and got him in the backside which left lanky Ste on the ground.

Newt only wished someone was there to see it, but no one did. Naturally, Newt went for his pockets hoping for a quid or two. But then it almost took Newt's breath away as he dug in deep. Something so natural freaked him, but he didn't let go of the money. It was satisfying just to have it in his hand, and the notion Ste really got off on this. His sex was rising.

What sort of strangeness did Ste have? Did he have to be that empowered just to have sex with his girlfriend? Did this always happen about this time of day when they crossed paths? Was Ste thinking at night what he might do to him and whacking off at the same time?

Newt just smiled. Maybe Ste was more of monster than he'd ever be, but Newt didn't wait for more. He took off running with the money.

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