Monday, May 5, 2008

not exactly a dream come true

"So what's the prize?" Ste gave Newt a dead stare.

"Isn't winning a prize, enough?" Newt swallowed back his fear.

Ste gave him a quite grin. Newt thought this might be a chance to run, but Ste caught him by the wrist, hard.

"Come with me."

"I don't want to." Newt didn't like this. What had he gotten himself into? This was weird. He had his arm around Newt's neck. It felt like a choke hold to Newt, but it looked like they were the best of mates as he strolled through the park with him. Ste was smiling like a viper, which didn't help Newt's escape. He was caught up in Ste's grip. Everything was moving forward, and fast.

Then when they found the hallow shadows under the bridge, Newt was sure he'd cracked his head open on the stones when Ste shoved him against the wall of the walking bridge overhead.

He smashed his lips into Newt's who squirmed as long as he could, but then came Ste's open kiss and Newt thought he might black out. He wanted to bite Ste's tongue, but he didn't. He was scared, blinded in the dark.

Newt was sure he felt nothing for Ste, but then when Ste found what he wanted in Newt's nickers, a whole different story started to evolve.

"How could I've ever doubted myself?" Ste kept tugging at Newt's package until Newt thought he might burst. And then Ste let go which made this all the more hard to cope with the pain or was it pleasure?

Newt felt himself shake and cave to the ground.

"See me in the park after school tomorrow," Ste ordered. "And don't be late."

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