Friday, May 2, 2008

a little game

"You think you're such a clever boy, don't you?" Ste wasn't going to let this be for long as he slammed Newt's locker shut before Newt could even get his books out.

"I don't think about you much, if that's what you're asking?" Newt just smiled as if perhaps they were having a different conversation instead of just a confrontation.

"You, prat," Ste snarled back. "I will get you for this."

"The old ball and chain keeping you up at night?" Newt shrugged turning away walking to class without his books. What did he need them for anyway. Failure was not an option, lately.

"What? How dare you even ask anything that's not your business!" He grabbed Newt's shoulder then.

"I know a sick puppy when I see one," Newt looked blankly back at him. "And you, no mate of mine, are a sick puppy." Newt turned again and walked on.

Ste stood there as the schoolmates passed by and just stared at Newt.,who went on hoping this was over for good, but of course it wasn't.

But he didn't see Ste at lunch nor after school. Newt went on his marry way then to the park, thinking this might be the day he'd actually asked the old gentleman thereat the park for a game of chess. He really needed to work on his strategy. Perhaps it was a game that would help him with life. Unfortunately, there was no one to play with, but the pieces were all there on the stone board just waiting to be played.

He sat himself down and thought he'd just play himself. Now that would be interesting. He had to win that way. Only he wasn't alone long. Here came Ste, probably to fight. Instead he sat down at the table across from Newt not saying a word.

They set up the pieces. Ste stared at him, "I bet you couldn't do anything for me if you tried."

Newt kept his mouth shut. Was this a dare? Was he asking what he thought he was asking? Well, he didn't have Simon nor Josh to ask about such circumstances. Maybe if they played the longest chess game ever, it would bore Ste and he'd be gone for good. But as luck would have it, Ste knew what he was doing when it came to chess.

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