Tuesday, May 13, 2008

letting go

It was never a very good time to bring up Simon around his parents. And now it looked that Hannah was off to Greece with Freddie. He had to get it second hand from his Mum who had told him there had been eye movement from Rhys. Perhaps he wasn't out of the woods yet, but soon.

They had to keep hopeful.

"I don't know why you can't come home?" She still sniffed back tears from all that had happened.

"Because I can't," Josh sighed wishing he could throw her lovely tea set across the kitchen. "You won't listen to me, Mum."

"What? I'm always here for you."

"No, you're not. You have too much Rhys' stuff on your mind. I moved out because I want to be with Simon."

"I know he's your best mate." She nodded.

"Much more than a mate, Mum." Josh felt bitter about sharing this with his Mum, when he knew he wanted to be happy. "I love him, Mum. And we're together."

Her dead stare haunted him. He looked away pressing his lips together.

"How is your father going to feel about this?" She shrank back with a fret.

"It doesn't matter, Mum. I have a boyfriend! Get use to it!" He shouted back with his fist clinched.

"I don't know what to say. What about Amy?" His mother shook her head, no.

"What about Amy? That's been over for ages." He squinted.

"But this Simon, you've known him since he was a little boy, and now, he's-"

"Mum, just be happy for me. For once, be happy for me." Josh turned away then. He knew he wasn't wanted here. He didn't want to listen to anymore. "Talk to Dad if you want." He knew he might take it the hardest.


Cate said...

yeah, dads always take it the hardest.

Shenell Keanna said...

thanks ivy...oh and 2DR, i just wanted to post the "never before seen ending" of 2DR. I'm planning to do an epiologue. i'm not sure, yet.