Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lauren & Laleh

Lauren felt a rush of emotions overcome her. It felt more like a roller-coaster ride with Laleh than anything else. Yet, she felt so naive what was expected of her. Confused too, yet not repulsed by Laleh's touch.

Instead she felt the pulse throb through her of wanting more. She so wanted say, "What do you want me to do?" But it felt wrong to say anything, especially when she felt as if an earthquake was shaking through her.

But the dull impulse that this was wrong, just made her squint harder. She wanted to fight it, but she couldn't. Not with Laleh's mouth on hers. Not with the her fingers going deeper inside her, yet slowly, but playfully.

Then it shocked her. It was happening. It was so amazing to let herself go with Laleh's touch.

Laleh's knew too when it happened. Her lips took her tits in as well and Lauren was blown away. She finally knew what an orgasm was.

How was Ian going to know to do all this stuff?

She wanted to keep her mind set that this was all in a sex lesson of some kind. Nothing more. She just couldn't expect Laleh to be there for her all the time, and yet long after it was over all she could think about were Laleh's full lips. Her eye lashes fluttering across her chest.

Just what did Laleh expect of her now?

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justkyut said...

Hey Ivy! I like this one. Do you have a separate story for Laleh and Lauren?