Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Laleh & Lauren

"Well, of course, I like lads," Laleh explained. "Who doesn't want a nice fit bloke about, hey?" Laleh rolled her eyes at the thought Lauren would think she'd think differently. After all, she had gotten her in to bed to listen to some new tunes from The Teenagers.

"Its just...all this talk of cocks and such that make it more work that its worth, you know," Laleh smirked. "Have you thought much about that with Ian?"

Lauren's eyes lit. She shook her head no, as if they'd have to keep mum about it.

Laleh smiled, "Have you seen it?" Her fingers went lightly up Lauren's arm. "Its just a worm, you know. Really, thats all there is to it magical worm, I presume."

Lauren was still quiet.

"Its all hype, you know." Laleh laid back on her pillow then thinking this was a waste of her time being here with a scared little bird.

"So how was it?" Lauren wanted to know as she raised up on her elbow then and put her and to rest her cheek in.

"Not that good. Actually." Laleh rolled her eyes. "I could show you something better."

Lauren just looked down at her and Laleh gave her an open kiss. Laleh's fingers then pressed behind Lauren's underwear. She touched her. Lauren only resisted a little in their feverish kisses.

"Maybe it would be better with our clothes off." Laleh then suggested with a smile. Lauren didn't move. Laleh supposed she'd have to do everything.