Saturday, May 17, 2008

The girl I've been dream'n of

How could he make it better? How could Ste start over? Why did everything he want come so harsh for him? Was it in the genes? Just a learned reflex? Or was he meant to be so horrible?

"Need'n be afraid." He set down the cups of tea. Newt didn't budge. He held his hands tightly together as if were trained to do. Ste sat down and stared at Newt's hands. Really he didn't want it to be this way.

"I'm not." Newt kept looking at the tea and finally poured in a little cream and sugar as if he really needed a meal, not just a brew.

"Faker." Ste let slip then took a sip of sweet tea.

"I was hoping something might preoccupy you, " Newt blurted. "Instead of me."

"Fancy that, now would you?" Ste couldn't help but smile. "I'm quite pleased with the outcome."

"Outcome?" Newt took a bit of dry biscuit that crumbled to the pale table cloth.

"Us." Ste sipped his tea properly.

"Us?" Newt squinted.

"Everythings changed." Ste remarked.

"Changed?" Newt looked baffled, yet in a pretty way to Ste.

"Of course," Ste shrugged. "You can't go back, you know. We have to see this through." His eyes remained on Newt.

"I'd rather not." Newt nodded slowly.

"What is it that frightens you the most?" He sighed. Really, he'd had enough of tarrying along. They needed to get on with it. "That it, very well, is true, or that its just me?"

"Both." Newt managed to breathe.

Ste smiled. A little satisfied with himself. "Honestly, I'm not the kind of bloke to send flowers afterwards. You're not that kind of lad, now are you?"

"Flowers?" Newt shook his head, no. "Never."

"I thought so." The conversation was getting dull. Ste reached for Newt's trembling hand across the table. "Sorry I was little ruff." He bit his bottom lip. "Promise I'll be gentle this time."


Sharon Rose said...

Hi Ivy-thanks for stopping by my blog! I don't watch Hollyoaks, but my 12 year old neighbour Thomas, is their biggest fan! Maybe not as big as you though!

Kira Fashion said...

hi dear!

i wish you a good weekend, you are so sweet!

a kiss!!

Cait said...

Ste is uh..hmmm HOT...hehee...

ellie said...

Some uh sharp dialogue. Hope they'll be 2 to watch for. Maybe.