Friday, May 23, 2008

a drive

"Lets get on with it." Spike hoped he wasn't smiling too much as he watched Sarah give Jeremy a hug and a kiss. She was about to spend a few days with Amy and her baby in the city. Shopping was on her mind, and she was letting Jeremy go.

Deep down, Spike hated to admit it, but really he couldn't stand her. Wasn't sure when it happened. Maybe it was long ago, or just now the way she hugged on to Jeremy.

"He will be back." Spike told her, but of course, he might not be the same if Spike had anything to do with it. Just he couldn't let on to Sarah.

"I know, you will take good care of him, won't you?" She eyed him then. And Spike's hand touched Jeremy's back. It was his turn.

"Of course, Sarah, we're mates. I wouldn't dare let anything happen to your precious Jeremy." He smirked. She smiled. Pleased, he supposed.

"Come on, we've got hours to go." And Jeremy was driving.

Finally, they pulled away in Jeremy's little car that he never drove unless he had too. And he never had too.

"You sure you feel comfortable about this?" Spike looked at him sharply.

"Of course, I've been driving for ages." Jeremy looked over at him puzzled.

"Yes, I completely meant that." Spike chuckled as they drove out of the village. "But we could stop for a bit if you like, you know, take in the scenery."

"Perhaps." Jeremy smiled but kept driving. Spike could sense it would be a long way from here before they stopped, but the way Jeremy was driving...that wouldn't take long at all. They headed into the country. It wouldn't take all that long to get to the lake. Yet it seemed an eternity to Spike as he couldn't help himself but to touch Jeremy's thigh, and perhaps occupy him a little as he drove.

At first, Jeremy was a bit reserved, but the more Spike relaxed him, the more he found it a thrill. It wasn't long after that he decided to stop the car to take in the view.

"Well, I can see you are up for this after all," Spike told Jeremy as they strolled through the nearby woods. No extra-substances were involved now. Just the two of them in nature. There was nothing else like it.

He leaned in and gave Jeremy an open kiss. Spike couldn't remember being this happy in a long time. Spike pulled Jeremy T-shirt over his head. Then his own.

"We should go in for a dip while the sun's still up." Spike told him. Of course, it would have to be a skinny dip. There were no other kind.

Jeremy followed Spike who took off for the water and plunged in first. The water was ice cold, but it didn't stop Spike from grinning like an imp. They kept each other warm in the water.

"Wish we were in California," Spike breathed in Jeremy's ear.

"What are you getting at?" Jeremy smiled back. "You really think they'll marry folks like you and me."

"Marry? I wasn't asking? No, the beach. I would love to go to the beach."

"What? Get bitten by a shark?" Jeremy pondered.

"That's Florida, isn't it?"

"You talk too much, " Jeremy then said and he kissed Spike. His hands found what Spike had hoped for.

"Then I think its time you make me shut up." Spike couldn't wait to get to the cabin. A good hot shower, and then he planned to shave that beard of Jeremy's.

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