Monday, May 12, 2008

call me old fashioned

Ste didn't know what was happening to himself as of late. He could hardly stand Amy's voice anymore. Oh, he'd pressed her with Leia to do things his way. Really, though, it was beginning to be so predictable. And she was a crybaby.

So they had a row. He brought up everything in the bad book that she ever did. And most of all, how she wasn't faithful.

"You slapper! You disgust me! Probably with your sister boyfriend all this time! Weren't you!" He made the baby cry.

"No," Amy croaked, "Its not true. I'd never."

"Still have it bad for that panzy of yours, now don't you?" He pressed on about Josh and how that went down. "Maybe its you who can turn a very well healthy lad into a brick for another lad!"

These feelings for Newt were stirring inside him, and he wasn't going to stay another night here.

Laleh had invited him to stay with her. Perhaps they didn't have the same mother, but they very well had the same father. She was his only sibling. Perhaps. And it was just as well he had some place to go to cool off.

"I'm leaving! So shut it! I won't be back on my hands and knees begging for you, Amy! Those days are over!"

He was so ready for a new chapter in his life to begin. He just had to think quickly enough to get out of this mess when he could.

"I'm sorry I ever wanted to be your baby's father!" And yet he felt a bit of a soft spot for the little one. But he didn't want to cause anymore problems. He would go. It never occurred to him how he'd preyed himself into Amy's life. Now he was threw with her.

It was hard to stop himself from slapping her. He pushed her to the kitchen floor. All he needed was fresh air. And it wasn't here.

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