Wednesday, April 30, 2008

whats a bloke to do?

Amy was having a breakdown and Will/Jeremy wasn't so sure what to do without Sarah around. She was on a foto shoot in Chester. It had been a rather long day at the library for himself as well. The computers were down, and an irritated Makalah said she'd sue the library over a broken heel.

He wasn't at all happy to have company waiting for him when he got home, but Jeremy put on a brew and hoped for the best.

"I'm so sorry your sister is out, but if you want to leave her a message of some kind. I'll do my best to let her know." He poured up tea and got out a few biscuits.

"I'm just a little flustered," she sniffed tears. "That's all. I had no idea about Josh. He's always been straight, until now."

"Well, Simon's a very nice bloke. Smart, too. They seem very happy," Jeremy told her.

She broke into more tears. He knew it. He'd said the wrong thing. He sipped his tea then.

"He was my boyfriend." Amy blubbered.

"But that was long ago. You have Ste." Jeremy reminded her.

She looked up at him miserably.

"Is it all right with him, Amy?" Jeremy sensed she was horribly unhappy with the bloke even if she wouldn't admit it. "You and the baby could come and stay with us if you like." He then offered with a pat on the back.

But she shook her head, no. It was if the world had ended. She'd found out Josh was not who she thought he was.

"Who can I trust?" She choked on tears. "No one. Not my mother, even my sister. Now this. Its so unfair." She was over come with another bout of tears.

Jeremy sighed. He supposed he could call for some take away food. But really, he wanted to get away from this bellowing of hers.

"You stay, " he nodded. "You stay as long as you like. I'll be away for a bit. Maybe Sarah will be home soon." He could only hope. He was going to Spike's.

Spike was alone shuffling around in his kitchen, peeling potatoes for shepherd pie.

"I could help with that." Jeremy assured him.

"If you like. I suppose cooking is the last thing on your mind." Spike shrugged and handed him a knife.

"I do most of it anyway. I'm not sure cooking is Sarah's forte." He peeled at the fat potato.

"She might get fat. Then what?" Spike laughed.

"Well, she drinks enough for both of us. Usually, she throws it up, anyhow." Jeremy admitted.

"Aw, the secret of being a model." Spike smiled. "Maybe you need something to help the appetite, mate." Spike dug in kitchen drawer then and brought out a rolled cigarette. "Nothing like it while waiting for a shepherd's pie."

Will looked over at the cigarette. Interesting, he thought. Generally, he didn't do such activities.

"You know, we've a business associate here who can keep you in this stuff, daily, if you like." Spike licked his lips and gave him Jeremy a nudge.

Jeremy chuckled. Maybe it was time to let his guard down.

While the shepherd's pie was in the oven, Spike plopped himself down on the couch and lit the cigarette. He padded down the cushion next to him and prodded Jeremy along. "Really, just something to take the edge off."

Jeremy nodded and sat next to him. He watched Spike with the dope. He was so cool without a care in the world and the grin on his face just made Jeremy smile. He needed that feeling. He'd been far too stressed, lately.

So Jeremy took a long drag. It was more intoxicating than he expected. Even his eyes burned with sleep. He almost choked.

Spike giggled just watching him. Jeremy laughed too. They both leaned in with the cigarette between them. Jeremy noticed how Spike looked at him. Only Jeremy couldn't move. He watched too. He watched Spikes lips and his hands. Even his skin was intriguing. But he froze. What could it mean?

Then Spike's hand came down Jeremy's face. He drew an open kiss from Jeremy.

"You know, what I really want to do?" Spike smiled. "I want to grow a beard, but first I'd like to have my way with you."

Jeremy pressed his lips together, then put his finger to his lips, and said, "Shhhh." Then he giggled. He kissed Spike again. Shepherd's pie was on neither's mind.

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Cate said...

ok, i wouldn't have expected that when i started reading your post. this is the first time visiting your blog, so i'm new to this fan fiction.