Friday, April 11, 2008

sorting with Hannah

Hannah listened to Nancy carefully as she talked about Freddie and what he could do for the both of them while they were sitting on Nancy's bed.

"He's gorgeous." Nancy sighed with relief, "Just think what a beautiful babe you two could make." She paced about as if she had a declaration to make.

"I suppose so, " Hannah said slowly. "But won't it be enough. You're going to have a baby?"

"Lets not talk about that." Nancy shook her head, no. "Really, its all quite disgusting and if I could go back, I certainly wouldn't be in this condition at all. But you, you deserve the best and thats all I want. The best for you. And Freddie is the best. He's kind. He's a caring bloke and he's fit. Very very fit. What more of a specimen could you want to father a child, Hannah?"

"But, now? Why now?" Hannah was beside herself in the thought that her very best mate and lover would want her to be with child.

"Before its too late. Before something comes along that you don't want, like what happened to Jake and me. Trust me, it'll work." Nancy pleaded.

"I don't know. I never thought-" She shook her head, no. So much had happened since last year. Her bout with the eating disorder. "What if I get fat?"

"You won't. You'll eat for the baby and you'll stay healthy. That's the way it should be." Nancy took Hannah by the shoulders and looked into her eyes. "You won't be alone. You won't. I promise you."

"And we'll have a happy family?" That's what Hannah wanted the most. Nothing more.

"Of course we will." Nancy sighed. She hugged her then and kissed Hannah, as if there was no going back.

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