Saturday, April 26, 2008

a rift

Hannah always thought she was the last to know. Everything was falling a part. It wasn't just at home, but with Nancy too.

Justin. How could Nancy do this to her? She thought things were stable and their world would really be real to everyone soon. But it wasn't the case.

"I can't wait for you!" Hannah said it, but she wasn't sure she meant it. It felt like the worst of times. And it hurt to see Nancy with Justin. Why had she done it?

"I have to. If I can do this for Charlie. I have to. You have to understand." Nancy was quick to point out in their argument at Nancy's flat.

But Hannah didn't understand. And what if Hannah was pregnant with Freddie's baby? Then what? Where would Nancy be in all this? She'd be all alone. What would Freddie care, really? He'd been drunk.

Hannah thought she might faint just thinking about her night with him. Of course, she hadn't been eating as it was. She really couldn't help herself about it. Too many things were upsetting her.

She'd never meant to be this fragile. She hadn't meant to be any-one's burden. And there she was at the Black Cat hoping to drink her troubles away.

"I can't let you." Freddie found her after the first drink. It had already gone to her head. She was a mess.

"Why?" She squinted. "I can drink as much as I want." She could be snooty to him if she wanted too. Funny, she was the one intoxicated and not him. Now.

"You don't need to be alone." He told her and picked her up off the chair before she could fall.

"I'm very well capable of taking care of myself." She nodded.

"Of course, you are." But she was in his arms now and a tad giggly. She leaned in and began to play with his locks behind his ear.

"Do I look quite miserable?" She began to hiccup.

"Of course not," he said. "You're gorgeous."

She smiled then and giggled.

"Come on, let me take you home."

She kept shaking her head, no.

"Well, then, you can come to my place and sleep it off." He held her in his arms then. She was light as a feather.

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