Friday, April 18, 2008


Josh wondered how long it would take for it to get back to his Mom and Dad about he and Simon. Then what? Would it be that awful? Really?

Laleh said they made a cute couple at her party. Of course, Amy wasn't there to see them kiss. Even if she were, she'd probably be so doped up with Ste that she'd have no idea what was going on anyway.

Mikaela giggled at them, of course. It all felt like a well ran school play. And Josh was all right with it. This bit of a snogfest. Well, it could happen to anyone, couldn't it? Of course, Simon was much more serious about the situation, perhaps. And Josh wasn't sure how to react to the fact that well, he'd had relations, actually. And he chewed at his cheek, thinking what would Freddie think, if knew.

He wanted to go to Freddie that night, but he cuddled with Simon instead. Yet, he still kept Simon in the dark about Freddie. He wasn't so sure how Simon would take it. Would he be relieved that Josh had more experience than him? Would it all blow up in Josh's face.

"Your Mum wouldn't take you out of school, would she?" Josh couldn't see it. He was pretty sure Simon's Mum wasn't the type to brain wash him into being straight.

"Of course, not." Simon said he and his Mum were close, and she knew everything about him.

Josh wish he could say the same for his parents. Naturally, they'd always been there for him, but this. This would be a slap in the face, and he was certain they wouldn't be able to handle it any better that the Dean family did with Craig.

If that wouldn't be enough, there would be a lot explaining to do with Freddie as well. He wasn't sure if he was ready for all these obstacles awaiting him.

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