Friday, April 11, 2008

in or out

When Nancy asked Freddie over for dinner he wasn't expecting Hannah too. They really were inseparable as of late. And Nancy kept asking him if he wanted more wine.

Freddie was beginning to think they must have noticed too. His doubts with Josh.

"There isn't anyone you're that serious about, now is there?" Nancy seemed quite pleased he'd stayed long after the pasta dinner. Where else would Freddie go? Off to see Mrs. Robinson? Who was rather a thorn in his side these days. At least the money was good, but he was saving up for a rainy day.

"Of course not." He lied since he couldn't very well let Hannah know that he was seeing her brother. Perhaps on the side or more less slightly, lately. He really did miss the bloke. He would have given anything to be with him now instead of now sitting between the two of them. "I fancy no one."

"Did you hear this, Hannah?" Nancy looked at Hannah with a little coy smile, "He fancies no one."

Freddie thought he heard a giggle from Nancy and perhaps from Hannah too.

"What's going on?" He looked to Nancy who couldn't help but smile and Hannah covered her mouth with her petite fingers.

"We have a little offer," Nancy shrugged. "Or lets call it a deal. We'd ever be so grateful if you could help us out."

"Help you with what?" Freddie winced. They were up to something.

"Hannah needs something from you." Nancy's nose twitched slightly with delight as if it she might have magical powers.

"Whatever could she want from me?"

"A baby." Hannah beamed.

"Sperm." Nancy was more specific.

"You're joking," He chuckled. "It isn't April fools day?"

"No fooling." Hannah pulled her fingers through her hair.

"Nancy, what has gotten in to the two of you?"

"Nothing as if yet, thats where you come all of this." She gave him a dead stare then. "Are you in or out?"

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