Thursday, April 3, 2008

can't kick the habit

Hey, Can't kick the habit
Yeah, I got to have it
Yeah, I 'm what they call a
Love addict, Love addict
Hey, can't live without it
Yeah, G'on shout about it
Hey, I'm a symptomatic
Love addict, Love addict -Family Force 5

Simon was so different now. Josh thought perhaps he'd made him dumb with all the snogging. Except...


Simon: Why would it be a big deal right now if I kissed you?
Josh: Because we're working.


Simon:Why can't I kiss you right now?
Josh:We'd see the dean of discipline, that's why.

Josh's house-

Simon: Why not now?
Josh: We should be revising?

Not good enough answer. It was snog time, and with each kiss, Josh knew it was one more chance for his mum to walk in...only she never did. And perhaps he was becoming dumb too.

It was impossible to keep his guard up, constantly. It was bound to happen, but Josh always kept thinking...not just yet. Don't let us get caught yet.

And then Laleh's party arrived. It was practically a black tie event, except they both wore white tuxes.

"Were we suppose to bring presents?" Simon asked just as they got to the old mansion.

"I guess so." Josh cracked a smile.

"Shite." Simon had practically lost it. No mention of what a philosopher might do on such an occasion.

"Maybe you could write her a poem," said Josh as they were on the bottom steps.

"um, nothing comes to mind." Simon shrugged.

"I thought so." Josh reached in his pocket and pulled out a toffee candy bar with a pink ribbon on it. "From the both of us?"

"From the both of us." Simon nodded. "I'll remember next time." he looked away from Josh.

"I should hope." Josh grabbed Simon's hand and up the steps they went. When the door opened, they were in a passionate liplock.

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ellie said...

I love the love addict song.