Thursday, March 6, 2008

what else would you need

"What about Elliot?" Will/Jeremy wondered where Elliot was in this big picture of things with Sarah. Had Sarah completely forgot him?

"What about Elliot?" She was busy looking on the Internet at apartments on his office computer. Still content at the library. Even if they both had to wash up in the sink in the restroom.

"I dunno, what happened?" Did they have a falling out? He was her boyfriend, wasn't he? Jeremy wasn't sure what he was suppose to say.

"Nothing happened." She shrugged.

"Really?" He squinted, hoping Elliot didn't remember him, and wouldn't decide to have a confrontation with him.

Jeremy hoped never to see any of his ex-mates from the college. He was good as gone to them. Precisely, the nutter in the nut house.

He pulled out his wire rim glasses from his desk. Just a precaution. Guess, the glass might be a slight decoy. His beard was out of control even he hated it. Jeremy looked like a foreigner from some far off country where men never shaved.

"Really?" She came to him then and gave him a good look in his glasses. "You're gorgeous. I really do love the academic look, so."

"Oh, uh..I guess I squinted to hard last night back at my room." Actually, during a certain event, "... and I lost my contacts." He grinned and backed away a little. She kissed him sweetly.

"We should really do something about that beard, you think?" Sarah tugged at his beard then.

"I can't, " He edged away. "I'm growing it, charity sake, you see."

"How long will it take?" She asked.

"Maybe a year." He shrugged. His hair was long enough for a ponytail now. He really didn't need his ex-mates to recognize him.

"Honestly?" She combed her fingers through his beard. "I guess I could get use to it."

"Good." Thank God, she didn't want him to shave. "The beard is really important to me.

"Listen, I think I found us something. Its a few blocks away. And they have a one bedroom ready. I put in the paperwork." She stared into his eyes.

"Already?" He was a woozy. She was really going to go through with this?

"Shall we take a look, then?" She took his hand. Evidently, they were going no matter what.

So she grabbed her bag and jacket. He pulled on his crazy wool cap that one of the patrons had knitted for him, and he followed Sarah. He called to the circulation counter to say he was taking his lunch hour.

"Jeremy, you always amaze me." Sarah commented on his cool hat. She held his hand as if they were on their way to the candy store.

Jeremy was still in shock. She really wanted him. That's what amazed him. She wanted to share an apartment with him. A one bedroom, at that. Maybe things were turning around for him. But he held back as she had to pull him along toward the brick building that would probably be their new home.

The apartment was awful small. No more than a hotel room. "Sarah, do you have a lot of clothes?" He couldn't imagine her squeezing much in the wardrobe in the bedroom.

"I promise I won't take much. I won't from home." Sarah told him.

"I don't have much anyway." He looked at the empty rooms. It was naked. Completely. She talked of painting the rooms. He wasn't so sure he really wanted a red livingroom.

"We'll, need something to sleep on." She walked into the bedroom.

"I'll take care of that." He'd have nothing to do with a second hand bed. It would be new. "I'm not sure how long it would take for something like that to get here."

"You could move in today." The landlord mentioned. He remembered Jeremy from the library.

"Really!" Sarah was thrilled. "Then lets find us a bed, Jeremy. A home is not complete without a bed."

Jeremy sighed. They'd find them a bed. What else did they need?

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